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Be yourself

« I live the life I choose »

Find a positive approach to change

« I can handle changes with confidence »

Transform your emotions into allies

« I find my best self »

«Every person is the architect of his/her own future»
Appius Claudius

About me

I am 50% Vietnamese, 50% Chinese and 50% French. Rest assured, I am not a math teacher. I am a certified professional coach from the International Coaching Institute of Geneva (ICI). I am also a Process Com (PCM) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified coach.

I support people who, more than wanting ‘success in life’, aspire to succeed in THEIR lives, through having the life THEY choose for themselves.

I have been living abroad for the past 28 years, in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Throughout, I have observed people’s formidable adaptability and capacity for change. For many, the ​potential just needs to be unleashed. These opportunities have led me to combine my coaching qualifications and skills with my multiple intercultural experiences to shape a gentle, though powerful , coaching practice.

Together, let’s embark on a journey and co-create your unique path to achieve your own goals. Through thinking differently, finding your inner strengths and pushing your limits, you will shape the life you want to live and become the person you want to be.

Isabelle Xuân-Bahuet

Life and Executive Coach
IXB Coaching

My mission

I support you to find your best self, to dare, to face changes with confidence and to transform your emotions into allies.

My core values

Authenticity : I value truth and approach all relationships with deep sincerity.
Humanism : I aspire to contribute to a world more respectful of humans and nature.
Open-mindedness : I listen attentively and with great care. For me, each encounter is a source of mutual enrichment.

Coaching: for what?

Be yourself

“I live the life I choose”

You want to be able to say

  • I have the right to
  • I allow myself to
  • I can do it
  • I believe I can do so
  • I trust myself

You want to know

  •  Who you are
  •  What you want
  •  Where you go
Identifying your strengths and your qualities as well as what holds you back or stops you, you will challenge yourself and build the life you want.
I accompany people who want more than success in life; they want to “succeed in THEIR life”.
I believe that with powerful questioning and the reflections that come from it, anyone can find and choose their life path.

Find a positive approach to change

"I can handle changes
with confidence"


  • You relocate
  • You get a promotion
  • You change job
  • You change position
  • You move abroad
  • You come back home
  • You want a real change
  • You retire
  • You don’t know what to do next
  • You don’t know what to do now
Succeeding in change depends first of all on how you see the change and on how you can skillfully adapt to it. Through our sessions, you will create a new vision and head toward a fulfilling and meaningful future.
A successful change implies as well a good communication with ourselves and others.
With the Process Communication Model, you will identify your needs and the needs of others in order to build constructive relationships.

Through individual interviews, scenarios, PCM personality profile inventories:

    • you will discover your assets and remove the obstacles in your way
    • you will precisely know what you want and how you want to get it
    • you will dare

Transform your emotions into allies

"I find my best self "


  • I am afraid of
  • I am angry
  • I am annoyed
  • I am stressed
  • What’s the point?
  • I don’t know where I stand
  • I don’t want to go back to work
  • I lost my motivation
  • I am anxious
  • It’s too late

Who controls whom? Should emotions control us or should we control our emotions?
Anger, fear, distress are not meaningless feelings and they send us messages.

When we take control of all these emotions that trigger our reactions, learn how to see them as strengths, and recognize them as our allies, we become much more powerful and productive in the life we want to build.
By knowing your strengths, your weaknesses and your areas for improvement, by naming your negative emotions and by chasing them away, you will open the field of possibilities to dare, to forge ahead and to believe.​

I will be using CLEEN, a very strong technique  to take away the negative emotional imprints that difficult situations can leave in you. When freed from those imprints, you will be able to think and act clearly to find the right attitude and action.


Finding the keys to move forward

What Isabelle's coaching brought to me ?

  • sunshine and smiles in the grey sky 
  • the ability to find the answers inside of me 
  • to regain my confidence
  • an eye opening on my talents
  • a self-use of  CLEEN

Through her kindness, her great listening skills, her enthusiasm and her faith in me, Isabelle made me realize that something deep inside of me was preventing me to move forward. She allowed me to find the keys to go further.

Marie, France

Fantastic and amazing CLEEN outcomes !

I enjoyed so much this very first CLEEN session with Isabelle in a moment of high stress that had a huge negative impact on what I desperately needed to perform well: focus and concentration. It happened during an online video call, I allowed myself to be led away by her gentle and professional voice, following her instructions. The results were amazing! I was so calm at the end of the session. What surprised me a lot was the long-lasting effect when I realized that I had changed my perception regarding this source of stress, which drastically reduced its impact on my well-being. CLEEN provides a powerful and healthy psychic hygiene that we all need a lot. Thank you so much!

Christine, Vietnam

Equipping yourself with your own tools

Isabelle helped me to be proud of myself and to reconstruct            my view of the world through my own eyes.    Her coaching worked well for me to find my values ​​and my desire to succeed.

Isabelle guided me to concentrate on the words I used without imposing herself. She patiently assists in breaking down general statements into smaller manageable and comprehensible targets.

If you are looking to equip yourself with your own hidden and unused tools, Isabelle will help you dig deep to use the sharpness of your own intelligence.

Yasha, Indonesia

Going back to work: what an incredible achievement!

During a very difficult period in my professional and family life, Isabelle  helped me to focus on all the positive moments. It allowed me to highlight the pleasant moments in life. The experience with the tree of life was outstanding: I loved it.   

I returned to work (medical part-time); it is an incredible success! All our coaching sessions coupled with the ones with my psychiatrist allowed me to bounce back: I am on a good track, driven by a good dynamic. I also resumed physical activities to reach the right balance for my body and mind.

I have found my previous me - the one before the burnout- and even more a new me, much more serene and calm. I am able to better keep things in perspective and I enjoy happiness whenever it shows up. I also exist as I want to exist in my family.

Thank you Isabelle for having listened to me, showing me the right path and supporting me to be able to go through all the obstacles. My coach made me look at the bright side of life and to accept that it is okay to stumble and fall then to stand up again, slowly but steadily.

If one day you meet Isabelle's path, don't hesitate to go along with her. Words of somebody who recovered so well. 

Chris, France

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The CLEEN freed me entirely from my limiting beliefs and blockages. 

I am very happy to announce that I was blessed to be cleened by Madame Isabelle Xuân-Bahuet. I had a negative emotional imprint that polluted my life for a while. I was cleened by Madame Isabelle (Mastercoach) who completely cleaned up the imprint that was like my 2nd nature. The imprint was coupled with limiting beliefs that blocked me from moving forward and achieving my existence goals. After two runs of CLEEN, I was totally free from imprint and beliefs. I can say with certainty that the benefits of CLEEN are invaluable. They free body and mind. I thank Madame Isabelle Xuân-Bahuet for her professionalism when she uses the CLEEN method. I’m very grateful. 

Gabriel, Burundi


This coaching gave me a space to (re)gain my self-confidence and my faith in the future.                                                                          Isabelle, of course, masters all the “techniques” that you expect from a coach. What is the most valuable and rare in her coaching is the quality and depth of her listening. Her attitude allowed me to express myself with total trust.

Laurence, Malaysia



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Solidarity coaching

I donate 10% of my income to the following  humanitarian organizations:

Pa Van Der Steur Orphanage Indonésie

Coup de Pouce Vietnam


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